Contact Lenses

There are so many great contact lens designs in the market today that almost anyone can wear contacts. But for contact lenses to do their job properly and for your experience with contact lenses to be successful, it is vital that you have a full eye exam and consult with your optometrist.

First of all, your general health, eye health, vision requirements, lifestyle and expectations for your contact lenses need to be discussed. Do you need vision correction to safely drive a vehicle? Do you prefer to wear eyeglasses for work and contact lenses just for special occasions? Do you play a lot of athletic sports? Based on this profile, your optometrist can make recommendations as to what type of contact lens is the best fit for you.

Once you have made a decision on the type of lenses you wish to purchase, your optometrist will carefully measure your eyes and vision requirements to order lenses that are tailor-made for you. Be sure to follow care instructions precisely, and attend any follow up appointments with your optometrist to ensure a smooth transition to your new contacts.

If you do the research upfront in consultation with your optometrist, you will very likely enjoy success with your contact lenses. Just make sure to pay attention to the cleaning and storage procedures recommended for your lenses, and stay alert for any redness or unusual discharge from your eyes that could indicate infection. Return to your optometrist for your regular eye exams to ensure that your contacts are still the best ‘fit’ for you, and to keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp!

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